Aryan Lavasani




b.September 1977

Aryan spent the first five years of his life in Rome, Italy.From the age of three, he started drawing images which he perceived from the intangible and unconventional world of his imagination. This led him to make the art of painting his sole concern, dedicating all of his time, from childhood to adolescence to create images of an unseen dimension that are yet to be fully explored in the future.His style has gone through many different stages; including periods of depicting unfamiliar settings, diverse architecture, dehumanized beings, ultra-realistic landscapes, etc.

Aryan started his artistic career at the age of 9 by participating in his first group exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.Throughout his 27 years of professional career, he has had over 28 solo and group exhibitions, collaborating with many galleries such as Etemad, Seyhoun, Golestan, and Maah amongst the rest.His first international exhibition was in 1991, attracting the attention of admirers of the fine art in Aachen, Hamburg and Cassel. In 1994, Aryan received an award entitled “Space in the Future”in an international exhibition in Japan.

Group Exhibition :

1- Tehran ,The Museum of Contemporary Art 1986
2- Japan (Tokyo – international art exhibitions) 1994
3- Tehran Expo ,The Museum of Contemporary Art 2003
4- Tehran Expo ,The Museum of Contemporary Art 2004
5- Dubai 2008
6- Tehran ,Mah Galleri 2008
7- Etemad Gallery 2010
8- Haft negah 2012
9- Khane Honarmandan Gallery 2012
10- Khane Honarmandan Gallery Oxygen 2013
11- Golestan gallery 2013
12- Online – Seyhoun Gallery 2013
13- Shirin art gallery, Oil and gas, Tehran-new york 2014
14- Art for humanity, WFP exhibition on the occasion of world food day 2014

Individual Exhibitions :

1- Khane Aftab Gallery 1989
2-Khane Aftab Gallery 1990
3-Barg Gallery 1994
4-Barg Gallery 1995
5-Keyhan Gallery 1995
6-Amin Gallery 2001
7-Vali Gallery 2003
8-Ibne Sina Gallery 2004
9-Fatima Gallery 2004
10-Baran Gallery 2005
11-Ara Gallery 2005
12-Khane Honarmandan Gallery 2008
13-Mojdeh Gallery 2008
14-Khane Honarmandan Gallery 2009
15-Seyhoun Gallery 2009
16-Etemad Gallery 2012
17-Etemad Gallery 2014
18-Seyhoun Gallery 2016
19-Botte Gallery 2019 canada, toronto

DIDI Museum 2017

DIDI Museum 2018

Awards :

1-The Great Award of Japan International Exhibition , Tokyo

2-The UNESCO Appreciation Token

3-An Appreciation Token from Iran TV

4-The other Awards from National Festivals

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